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Integrated Centre For Disaster Management

Integrated Centre For Disaster Management (ICDM), a non-governmental organization, registered under Indian Trust Act, is working towards Disaster Management awareness and training for readiness, Climate Change Education, Risk Analysis, reductions and mitigations, planning and mapping, capacity building training to various line department officials and staff, college and school students. ICDM is also developing Community based First Responders and others as per risks, hazards and vulnerability locations.
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1. To assess the vulnerability factors in the marginalized communities consisting of fisher folks, Dalits, Tribals etc., in Tamil Nadu , Puducherry, and in India to identify their capacity to cope with the situations before the disaster, during and after Hit.

2. To identify the leaders from the base communities in risks and give them training on disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and to establish Community Disaster Preparedness Task Forces further with evacuation, search and rescue plans and relief mechanisms in the area of operation.
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An Urgent Appeal for Kindness in Crisis

The unexpected second wave of COVID 19 infection has huge impact on the life’s and livelihood of every citizen in the unorganized sector. As a result of lock down imposed from 10th May 2021, livelihood of common people started affected. There was no time to plan and set up an alternative for many of the daily wage labourers in the chosen target area.. Words cannot express the plight of the common men who solely depends on their daily income, normal life shut unexpectedly. Read more

Upholding Group

Crematorium Workers 30 Families
Ambulance Drivers 30 Families
Transgender 40 Families
Leprosy Affected 30 Families
Visually Impaired 40 Families

The Training Programme

  • Design and conduct community based disaster risk assessment.
  • Identify measures for risk and vulnerability reduction and community capacity building.
  • Prepare a risk reduction plan and to integrate it into development activities.
  • First Aid Program

Capacity Building

  • Awareness
  • Training
  • Education
  • Livelihood Skills
  • Leadership
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Safety & Preparedness
  • Environment
  • Self-governance
  • Health

Knowledge Management

  • National & International Trainings
  • Training Manuals
  • Research
  • Information Dissemination

Social Transformation

  • Children
  • Women
  • Elderly
  • IMarginalised
  • Vulnerable

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